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RGI Group provides financial advisory solutions from start-up projects to mid-market business owners across the lifespan of a business. In many situations, this involves the need to secure a growth equity investment. Financing growth is a major challenge that all business owners face at some point in their company’s development. 

Even when credit markets are active, which is not always the case, the interest expense and principal amortization associated with debt financing can create a heavy burden to the cash flow of a growing organization or a start-up venture. Our capital raising strategies has been effective for meeting various strategic business objectives, and allows RGI to fashion unique funding solutions to meet companies’ capital needs without unwieldy covenants or restrictions.

Our  Services
At RGI GROUP INC.,  our goal is to review high-caliber investment projects around the world that will have major impact on a global economy. We pride ourselves in providing investment strategies and professional services to accomplish our goal. 
Project Finance
The key to project financing is risk allocation and management. The risks associated with a new project can be identified and managed by allocating them to those who are best equipped to deal with them. The process ensures that a more sensible and therefore more feasible project risk profile is attained enabling the successful realization of promising new projects. Our services include an assortment of different strategies for investment projects over $10M. 

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